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At The Potomac Clock Shop, we provide professional and quality repairs "Fixing TIME Right" one clock at at time. Through our network of professional associates, we can offer specialty tasks: reverse glass panting repair, dial restoration, and case restoration. Our goal is for 100% customer satisfaction. Give us a call today for more information on how we can help with your clock repair needs!

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Bethesda Clock Repair offers top rated and professional Clock Repair in Gaithersburg. [Read More]

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Clock Repair Tips

Clock Repair Tips

Bethesda Clock Repair provides detailed tips and information on the most frequently asked questions to help you make the right choice. [Clock Repair ]

Bethesda Clock Repair Company | Clock Repair, Clock Information, And More!

If you have an antique clock that you would love to restore to its original working condition, you should consider taking it to Bethesda Clock Repair Company. The professional technicians legitimately enjoy working on old and antique clocks, and they will find it a pleasure to repair your old clock.

Bethesda Clock Repair Company

After making it their personal mission to restore your clock so that it works again, they will take great pride in providing you with a beautiful old clock that works like it is new again. Even if your clock is not an antique, you can still have it repaired at Bethesda Clock Repair Company. Some clocks are very sentimental and bring back memories of loved ones or other times in your life. Even if these clocks are practically worthless in value, they are very important to you, so you should attempt to have them fixed when they break instead of throwing them away or tucking them away in a closet somewhere.

Repair Many Types Of Clocks

Bethesda Clock Repair Company can repair many types of clocks, from new to old and from cheap to expensive. After Bethesda Clock Repair Company has had the chance to repair your favorite clock, you will be able to use it once again. They can typically repair any type of clock issue that you have, and they are knowledgeable in fixing a wide variety of types of clocks. Since repairing these clocks can be much more affordable than going out and buying new ones, you will actually save money by hiring the professionals at Bethesda Clock Repair Company. They can also repair clocks that are no longer in production or that are difficult to find, making it easier for you to hold on to your beloved and irreplaceable clock, whether it is a family heirloom or a simple favorite.