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Clock Repair Tips

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Bethesda Clock Repair

Posted - 04/10/2014
While a broken clock may be right twice a day, most people need their clocks to be accurate at all times. When you have an important meeting to get to or need to be at the dentist's office at a certain time, you want to know exactly what time it is. Vintage clocks are a lot more valuable if they work properly. Collectors are no...

Is It Worth Trying To Repair Your Antique Clock, Or Is It Too Far Gone?

Posted - 03/26/2014
When it comes to an antique clock, deciding whether to get it repaired or just call it quits can be a tricky situation to navigate. This can be especially tricky when the piece holds sentimental value. Here are some examples of when you SHOULD try to get the clock repaired. 1. The repairs needed seem to be relatively small, s...

Give the Gift of a Clock

Posted - 12/26/2013
As a major holiday or birthdays approach each year, there are always people on your list who are challenging to buy for. Some people seem to have everything, other people are picky and some people you do not well enough to understand their likes and interests. The next time you get stuck in a gift-giving rut, consider giving th...

Bethesda Clock Repair

Posted - 11/14/2013
They say that a broken clock is right twice a day. Unfortunately, you need your clock to be accurate throughout the day. This is because you need to wake up on time, get to work on time and be on time to pick your kids up from soccer practice. Routine clock repair work shouldn't take more than a day or two to complete. These d...

Tip for Selling an Antique Clock

Posted - 10/03/2013
One of the easiest ways in which people now make money is by selling items on the Internet. It is so easy to sell an item at a profit, ship it and then see the great earnings deposited into your online account. Those who enjoy selling items online should be careful and ensure that all of their products are in working condition w...

The Importance of Good Timekeeping

Posted - 08/27/2013
It has often been said that time is money. Since time is such a valuable asset, it is important that it is told as accurately as possible. In an age where digital clocks are everywhere, it is easy to make sure that there is a correct time around you. However, this doesn't negate the use of watches and clocks that are set by hand...
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